1 thought on “Stephanie Little Coyne: Moses, the Staff and the Burden of Faith

  1. I don’t feel Faith is a burden. I think the burden lies in the anxiety of the ebb and flow motions of daily life regardless of our faith. I don’t have arguments with God, so much as I just rant. God knows exactly how I feel about whatever is at hand, Subtle I am not, and neither is God. Every once in a while I get a Godly smack upside the head that says, “snap out of it”, and I put on my ‘big-girl pants’ and move on. I got such a Godly smack upside the head, ever so gently one night at the dinner table while my family stoically listened as I went on and on about my discontent at my job and whined about the long travel time to go to a job only to be miserable all day and just how long was I going to have suffer through this lousy job, when my razor-sharp intelligent granddaughter interrupted, saying, “Can we just say grace and then you tell us how your day was, Grammy?” At the tender age of 7, she issued the attitude adjustment I terribly needed. It could be ‘about me’ after we gave praise for what we were blessed with at the table.

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