This community blog offers a safe, supportive space for ministry moms to reflect, ponder and wonder about  God’s dual call to motherhood and ministry. The idea began with the book A Divine Duet: Ministry and Motherhood (www.helwys.com), a collection of twenty essays published in June 2013. From church pastors to inner city ministers, healthcare chaplains to professors, these ministers represent step-moms, birth moms, adoptive moms,  and women who mother other people’s children.

This blog allows us to continue to widen the circle of writers and readers, making room for more voices to be heard. Our hope is to continue sharing what God is doing in our lives as ministers and as mothers, in all the forms that may take. The more we share our stories, insights, questions and reflections, the more normative ministry-mothers’ (or “momisters,” as a friend calls us) voices become in the church. Thanks for joining us!

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  1. I’m a U.K. wife of a minister! A mum, of two teenagers and a 6year old. Though not ordained, and sorry, no theological training, my immediate recognition as ‘Pastor’s wife’ leads me into many ministerial opportunities; some thrust upon me, others I look out for! All around me; in my comings and goings, in my work in a school, in daily life within the community of a village and small town, in my home, and in my church are opportunities to minister.
    How I respond to people, how I respond to family and friend, to work colleague and student, to those I meet in a cafe or just pass on the street, how I respond to their questions, situations, worries and just day to day lives, reflects on Jesus! And isn’t this true for all those calling themselves Christian?
    Exploring with the youth, Jesus ‘sermon on the mount’ has me searching my own life, my own ministry, and questioning how positive a picture I paint of a loving, forgiving Saviour. It has me delving into the depths of my heart to examine my attitudes, my willingness to minister to others when they need it not just when I feel like it! It has me scrutinising my own actions in my home!
    And, falling to my knees, I am begging forgiveness and seeking God’s help in becoming a better minister, a better mum and wife, and generally a better all round child of Christ.

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