Sarah Womble: Everyday Theology: Like a Girl

This week, we hear from double-ministers’-kid and all around talented young blogger Sarah Womble. She reminds us that the problematic everyday theology that skews the phrase “like a girl” can be changed through the power of the Holy Spirit. Thanks, Sarah, for sharing your wisdom and insights with our readers. We are grateful for you and young women like you who challenge us to keep thinking, keep growing, keep praying, keep hoping.


Like a Girl

Over the course of the universe, women have been down graded, pushed aside, and under estimated. The last few years have pushed this reality towards the top of humanity’s list of things to fix, yet many have not made it a real priority.

There is, however, an ad by one company that struck my attention. In this 3 minute video, several women and men are asked to do an action “like a girl.” As each person takes their turn I can only think, “Wow! That was wimpy.”

After these adults show their version of what it means to run, fight, and throw like a girl, the video shows several young girls that are asked to do the same things.

This time, the entire atmosphere of the action changes. These girls have not yet come to understand society’s  pathetic expectations of them and they are excited to run faster, fight harder, and throw farther than they ever have for the camera.

There is no fear of failure. There is only passion, faith, and determination . . .

Click here to keep reading and watch the video.

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